Who We Are?

Our Mission

Achieve your potential and reach your goals.

We are the people who take your next exciting adventure to a new level. The Balkan Education Experience offers the discovery of a lifetime. It’s an extremely affordable way to immerse yourself in the culture of another country while continuing or adding to your studies. Discover what makes Albania unique among nations. Experience a new cuisine. Stroll among buildings constructed by the  Romans centuries ago. Leave your mark and make a difference to the country by volunteering. It’s all waiting for you in Sarande, Albania – the Jewel of the Balkans.

discover your passion

Continue your current studies or kick-start a new career by taking online classes such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Human Rights or International Hospitality Management, from prominent Universities around the world.

leave your mark on albania

Want to volunteer during your stay? There are many ways you can help. We have contacts with local organizations caring for children, senior citizens, animal welfare and women’s rights. From refurbishing the orphanage to assisting with animal welfare – there is something here for you.