Broaden Your Horizons


Ksamil: Until recently this was a charming hamlet with a few dozen houses, a lovely sandy beach and one restaurant. It’s a little bigger now but the sea is turquoise blue, clean and clear and the fish is fresh from the water. Take the local bus or cycle the 10 km, head to the water and stake your claim on the sand.

Delvina: This small town, 20 km from Sarande, nestles high in the hills overlooking the Bistrica Valley. Home to the Rusan Mosque, one of the oldest (non-working) mosques in Albania and the recently restored Germahala Islamic Complex.


Himara: A 2-hour journey by local bus takes you to Himara – the largest town between Sarande and Vlora. Crystal clear water stays warm until late in the year and most of the inhabitants are ethnically Greek.


Gjirokastra: This charming UNESCO World Heritage Site has retained its atmosphere. Although a major trading center in the 17th century, the unique houses date from the early 19th century. Don’t miss the incredible views from the citadel and Zekate house – a wealthy family’s traditional Gjirokastra dwelling.