So Much to Discover

Getting Out & About

Sarande itself is small enough that you may never have to set foot on a bus. But there are many potholes, rough ground and missing sidewalks. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and look down occasionally! There are a number of additional ways to explore the area. Try them all - each one is an experience in itself!

Where to Visit

We'll be taking you to see some of the hot spots such as the Blue Eye, Lekursi Castle and the archeological site of Butrinti. But, there are a number of places close by you might want to check out by yourself.

Food & Drink

Albanian cuisine differs by region but Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, mint, basil and rosemary are used frequently and olive oil is a staple. Lamb, beef, rabbit and chicken are used in most of the country and seafood specialties are found in the coastal areas. Make sure to sample locally-made cheese, yogurt, olives and raki.


Where do you start in a country that has had so much change over thousands of years? Here is a short recap to whet your appetite.