If you have more questions please get in touch

For most countries, Albania allows a visit of up to 90 days. US citizens may visit for up to a year, on a regularly issued passport, without requiring a visa, a residency permit or a work permit. Check with your government website to confirm your allowance prior to making your travel plans.

Our representative will meet you at Tirana airport and transfer you to your accommodations. Along the way they can tell you what to expect over the coming weeks.

You have a choice of accommodations at extremely economical rates.

Our Student Hub offers continental breakfast featuring delicious Albanian byrek, (phyllo pastry stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetables), croissants and American-style coffee or tea.

Discover a variety of local restaurants. Your coordinators will be happy to point you in the right direction or join you for a meal.

There are several mini-markets including one directly across from the Student Hub.

Breakfast with coffee is approx. $2 US. Lunch is around $5 US and dinner between $7-10 US. These prices incl. wine or beer. A typical large pizza served in a nice restaurant is under $5 US.

The official currency is the Albanian Lek. The current rate is around 108 lek to one dollar. An easy conversion is 1 lek = 1 US cent.

There are several banks and exchange places in the center. Your coordinator can advise which offers the best rate at the time.

Purchases in major shops over 1000 lek (about 10 US.) are allowed but cash is king in Albania. There are several ATM’s (some with no fees) and these are the best way to get cash in the local currency using a credit card.

Fall semester: Upon arrival it will be hot summer weather. As we move into December there is plenty of sunshine but temperatures cool and you will need a sweater and jacket some days.

Spring semester: February arrivals experience cooler weather (around 50°C during the day and low 30’s at night). But by March 1stexpect sunshine and temperatures hovering anywhere from 60°C to low 70’s. By the time you leave the weather is perfect for traveling around Albania.

Your laptop or notebook computer,  items of a personal nature and all medications that you may require. A round 2-pin travel adaptor can be purchased prior to travel or from the Student Hub.  Comfortable flat shoes/sneakers and clothes are a must. Finally and most importantly – an appetite for adventure!

Two excursions per month are included with the program. If you wish to partake in additional excursions, cash payment can be made directly to your coordinator in Sarande.

Standard travel precautions are advised, however Albania is a European country with an excellent rating from the World Health Organization. We can also assist with arranging extremely reasonable mandatory travel insurance.

Full medical services are available on a cash basis. Emergencies are directed to the Sarande hospital. If the medical condition is serious the American Hospital in Tirana will be utilized. Dentists speak English. Costs are very reasonable.

We can arrange volunteer opportunities for wherever your passion lies. From local groups that support children’s services, senior citizens and animal welfare, to organizations improving the lives of the refugees in Greek camps near the Albanian border.

Travelers should always take standard precautions but Albania is a very safe country. After a few days of interacting with the local people you will definitely want to explore and understand more about this incredible region.