Getting Around


The Ksamil bus runs every hour and at 120 lek, it’s a steal. It also runs from the town center to the outskirts of Sarande for 50 lek. Payment is made on the bus. Scheduled buses to Tirana cost around $14 US and buses to other cities (e.g. Berat or Vlora) are much less. the overnight buses to Athens take 10-12 hrs and cost approx. $35 US. The Sarande bus station is an open area where the buses congregate – not a building.

A trip in a furgon is an Albanian must! These shared taxis/minibuses can get you almost anywhere in Albania – for a price. They have no set schedule and leave when full. They stop anywhere along the route to drop off or pick up passengers. Prices are very low but you need to negotiate. You’ll find them gathered together in the city center. Top Tip: Always travel with the driver who has drunk the least raki and ask us for advice before taking a furgon!

Choose your mode of transport wisely – Sarande is either flat or hilly. A bike ride to Ksamil is refreshing. Alternatively, biking to Lekursi Castle requires Tour de France ability. Motorized scooters must follow the rules of the road and group rides and tours may be the best way to travel. Talk to us before taking off on this adventure.