Human Rights and Refugees

Duration: 4-week program – 6 hours per week

Across the world, barriers are growing. Every day people fleeing war and persecution find the door slammed in their face. Refugees have human rights. What are these rights? Who is responsible for upholding and protecting them? How can we hold them to account?

Learn how to identify human rights violations from the experts, campaigners and activists at Amnesty International. Interact with other participants and challenge yourself to think critically. Understand the concerns and legal issues of refugees as they strive to find a home where they can continue their lives in a safe manner. 

Arm yourself with the knowledge to defend and promote the rights of refugees and discover how you can be part of the solution to create change.

By taking this Amnesty International program in Albania you’re able to see first-hand, the strategy used by this once totalitarian country to control its populace, as well as the conditions that both refugees and asylum seekers currently live. Discover the assistance efforts both governmental and non-governmental organizations provide for them in a world that has grown tired of their plight and shows little concern for their welfare.