Individual Study

Duration: 4-, 8-, or 12-week program

Studying with us in Albania does not require taking a class through our associates at edX. The advantage of taking online classes is freedom of movement. 

Oftentimes a change of location helps you to concentrate more on your current studies. The ability to travel overseas and continue or complete your curriculum can be vital in improving your grasp of many subjects. Being surrounded by a community of like-minded students – all with a thirst for adventure and travel – can only improve your ability to move forward in your current endeavors.

Many students use the Balkan Education Experience to widen their horizons while continuing their studies. Our Student Hub is the perfect place to study, converse and learn. 

Students attending brick and mortar universities have alwys been able to plan foreign studies – now online students can too! Our coordinators have also worked and studied online. They know the value foreign travel adds to an all-round understanding of every subject.